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An AMSOIL Retail-on-the-Shelf Account is available for businesses that operate out of a storefront or outlet where there is public access for customers. This business must also sell associated merchandise at retail prices or provide product as part of a service. This business must not sell AMSOIL products through the internet or retail catalogs and must not operate or be located at a residence, and AMSOIL should not be the primary business.
Businesses That Stock AMSOIL Products
Businesses that choose to stock AMSOIL products show their customers that they care enough to carry the very best in synthetics. AMSOIL products sell well because they are in high demand. Once customers understand that they can actually save money and time by switching to AMSOIL the products fly off the shelves.
AMSOIL Retail  - Auto Parts Store
Above you see an actual photograph of an auto parts store proudly displaying a sign letting customers know that they carry AMSOIL products. The photograph was digitally remastered to remove the national auto part company's logo as to not violate their registered logo copyright.
Join the growing number of retail stores that now carry AMSOIL products:
  • Auto Parts Stores
  • Hardware Stores
  • Quick Lubes
  • Automotive Repair Shops
  • Racing Supply Stores
  • Gas Stations
  • Motorcycle Shops
  • Marine Centers
  • Auto Service Centers
  • Department Stores
  • Small Engine Repair Shops
The list of businesses joining in on the AMSOIL retail advantage grows every day. AMSOIL has top rated specially formulated synthetic engine oils for every kind of engine that powers anything. Even Snowmobile Dealers and repair shops can carry specially formulated AMSOIL motor oils to help keep valves from sticking.
AMSOIL Retail Account Advantages
AMSOIL Retail Account Holders have the following benefits:
  • Buy Direct
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • Excellent Profitability
  • Freight Discounts
  • Optional Credit Line
  • Toll-Free and Internet Ordering
  • Technical Support
  • Co-Op Advertising
  • Dedicated Support From Sponsoring AMSOIL Dealer
AMSOIL Dealer Sponsor - A Key Advantage
The AMSOIL corporate marketing and sales strategy mandates that anyone selling AMSOIL products must be an AMSOIL Dealer or be Sponsored by an AMSOIL Dealer. Even new AMSOIL Dealers have to be sponsored in by another dealer.

When choosing us as your Sponsoring Dealer, we bring several advantages. We provide dedicated support for every account coming in. We will help you get set up with your account, supply product information, help with sales literature, product displays, signs, decals, promotional items and whatever you need for a fast start. We will also be there when you need us for technical support and can assist with any questions or issues that arise.
What Does It Cost Join?
It costs absolutely nothing to open an AMSOIL Retail Account. SImply call us at 1-888-OilWeb1 (1-888-645-9321) or use our contact form and we will help you get started today.
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