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About Synthetic Oils, Greases & Lubricants
How is Amsoil made?

Amsoil Synthetic Motor Oil is produced by combining chemical compounds which produce a pure uncontaminated lubricant where the molecules are symmetric in size. Conventional motor oil has millons of different size molecules. This uniform molecule sizing provides better sealing of combustion chambers, a much better resistance to the shearing effect inside of an engine, and the uniform molecules cling together better than conventional motor oil, which provides better protection at start up where 60% of all engine wear occures.

Uniform molecules also flow with less resistance and reduces friction as compared to conventional motor oil, which enables better fuel mileage. Amsoil motor oils, transmission fluids and gear lubes together typically provide 2% to 3% in fuel savings on the highway and some customers report even more.

Why Amsoil Synthetic Oil so good?

Amsoil takes no short cuts and spares no expense in producing their lubricants, they are designed to be the best in the world. Virtually all other lubricant producers design their products to compete to a price point, which lends it's self to an end product that has inferior base stocks and additives just good enough to get by.

Amsoil Synthetic oils are made to protect and perform better than petroleum oils at both high and low temperature extremes. By controlling friction and heat more effectively, synthetics significantly reduce engine wear and component failure. That's why every jet engine in the world is lubricated with synthetic oil.

AMSOIL Genuine PAO Formulated SyntheticsAMSOIL Motor Oils have extremely low pour points and flow readily at very low temperatures for easier winter starting and significantly reduced engine wear. At high temperatures, no conventional motor oil can compare to the overall protection AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils provide. That's extremely important for today's turbocharged and small, non-turbocharged engines! Just below we have listed several reasons why synthetic oils are better for today's motorist and worth the extra cost up frontt:

  • They offer superior wear protection so that engines last longer.
  • They improve fuel economy so that vehicles get better mileage out of every tank of gas.
  • Due to their low pour points and cold weather pumpability, they make winter starts much easier.
  • By reducing friction they help engines run cooler.
  • By reducing deposits engines run cleaner and perform more efficiently.
  • Due to lower volatility they reduce oil consumption.
  • They have been proven to provide more horsepower.
  • Because they resist oxidation and breakdown, they reduce varnish and sludge which keeps valves and rings from sticking.
Time and Cost Savings With Extended Drain Intervals
AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils are highly resistant to the destructive effects of heat, and do not break down like petroleum oils. This means that AMSOIL Motor Oils can provide much longer drain intervals between oil changes than conventional lubricants. When combined with extended drain intervals, Amsoil premium synthetic motor oils offer these additional benefits:
  • Amsoil save's you money. Amsoil Synthetic Oils do not break down as fast. Their overall life-cycle costs are less than petroleum products.
  • They save you time. Surveys have shown that motorists desire the convenience of extended drain intervals. When you can change your synthetic oil once for every 4 or 5 times required for petroleum based oil, the time savings become more evident.
  • They reduce waste. Not only is there less waste oil to deal with, there are also fewer empty containers to dispose of.
AMSOIL Synthetic Oil - A Much "Greener" Choice
Amsoil - A "Green" Choice
Using Amsoil Synthetic Motor Oil reduces our dependence on foreign oil. In this example we will compare a motorist that used synthetic motor oil in a Chevy Blazer with a Vortec V6 Engine against one who chose to go with petroleum based oil throughout a 6 year period and 125,000 miles. The motorist using synthetic motor oil opted for extended drain intervals of 25,000 miles while the petroleum oil motorist opted for 5000 mile drain intervals.

During the 125,000 miles on those vehicles the motorist using petroleum based oil contributed 100 more plastic bottles to landfills and most likely, more air pollutants to our environment than the motorist using synthetics. The "greener" motorist used 0 petroleum while the other demanded 31+ gallons of refined petroleum oil, probably close to a barrel of oil. The wiser motorist changed synthetic oil 5 times while the other changed their oil 25 times, which also resulted in a recognizable time savings.

Amsoil Synthertics a "green" choice we can all make as conscientious motorists.
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