Technical Motorist and Consumer Information
Technical, Motorist & Consumer Information
AMSOIL Tune-Up Guide
Fuel Economy Tips
Technical, Motorist & Consumer Information
Technical Information
Synthetic Oil & Synthetic Lubricant Basics
About Amsoil Synthetic Oil & Lubricants - Read about Synthetic Oil and Lubricants. Learn how they lower dependence on foreign oil and why they provide better lubricity and protection for moving parts.

Cost Comparison - How does using higher priced Synthetic Oils and Lubricants save money?
Compare Motor Oils & Gear Lubes
Technical  InformationMotor Oil Comparison - This page provides "scientific" and "common sense" evidence why synthetic oil and lubricants are superior to hydrocarbon based oil and lubricants. You can also read about how and why AMSOIL has always been a clear leader and continues to maintain their leading position as the; "The First in Synthetics".

Motorcycle Oil Comparison - Compare Motorcycle Oils, multiple brands side-by-side.

Gear Lube Comparison - Compare Gear Lube Brands

About AMSOIL - Providing the world's top research, innovation, production and distribution of synthetic oil and lubricants.
Safe Use of AMSOIL Products
AMSOIL Product MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)
Consumer Information - Road Travel Planning, Tips & Tools
Fuel Cost Calculator
Calculate Estimated Fuel Cost for a Trip - Gas cost trip planner from AAA
Fuel Cost Calculator - The US DOE (United States Department of Energy) provides a great, simple to use calculator for calculating and comparing vehicle fuel costs.
Maps, Driving Directions & Distance Calculation
Driving DirectionsThere are many good sources for mapping your destination, all of which provide detailed information along the path. We have provided links to the top 5 below:
Find GPS Coordinates
If you are a GPS user these links may come in handy:
Gas Prices for US Cities
Current Gas Prices In US Cities - A comprehensive guide to current gas prices throughout United States Cities
Alternative Fuels Trip Planning
Alternative Fuels Route Mapper - Trip planning for all the alternative fuels including; Electric, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquefied Natural Gas (Propane), Biodiesel, Ethanol 85% (E85), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Hydrogen powered vehicles.
Fuel Saving Tips
Gold Star Gas Saving TipsGas Saving Tips - Tips for better fuel economy. With $100/bbl Oil threatening the markets, our businesses and personal economics, we are all looking for ways to save gas. Here are several effective ways to reduce the pain at the pump.
Towing Tips
10 Tips for Safe Towing
Cold Weather Travel Tips
3 Critical Concerns For Confident Cold Weather Travel
Racing Engine
AMSOIL - A Winning Formula for 35 Years
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